Samaskaara Progressive Learning

The Samaskaara Attributes

How We DoSamaskaara in Sanskrit means, ‘that which has been put together’ and ‘that which puts together’. It is the formation of mental dispositions that give rise to future volitional actions through determination and concerted effort.

Therefore, in a fast changing yet interdependent world we hope to build characteristics in learners that make them; Aware of themselves, their strength and weakness, their surroundings and their contribution to their environment. Accountable for their exertions and learn to treat all living beings as 'always as an end' and not just a 'means to an end'. Be Articulate in their thoughts and behavior to work collaboratively. Active in action making them more enterprising yet forthright and Adventurous in taking up new challenges and improving their capabilities.

The skills that we build in our young learners to engage in a complex, information rich globalized world equips them to engage in their own learning, build their portfolio and prepare well for education in school and beyond. The skills that make them better thinkers with balanced personality are:

  • Exhibit ethical behavior
  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Have intercultural understanding
  • Exhibit personal and social competence.