Attributing Images

Teachers and students frequently use images to enhance their presentations, academic writing or projects. There are many sites that can be explored for images. In fact the extraordinary quality and thoughtful creation that is available should be considered as a generous gift by the owner of the image to us. Many of these images are available for use by anyone. But what is important to remember is how the images when used should be attributed.

For many years, I too would simply site the source from where the image had been taken believing that I had done what was the right and polite thing to do. But a little deeper study on Creative Commons led me to understand the appropriate way of doing so.

Simple thoughts and action in the right directions can only improve our work and academic standing.

Attribution here means giving credit to the owner of the image.

When the image is from Creative Commons, the following process should be used. The acronym TASL helps to remember the way attribution can be given,

T: Title of the image (If given by the owner of the image)

A: Author/Owner/Creator of the image

S: Source of the image

L: Licence should include which of the six Creative Commons licences apply to the work.

So it could be written as follows:

By [Title], [Name], [Source], [Licence]

Wikimedia Commons allows you to copy the attribution as you download the image. It is a good idea to do so and then add the attribution when you use the image in your work.

We can either remain ignorant or use our learning for our own advancement.



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