Book Review: Teach Like A PIRATE

Writing a Book Review is a piece of cake only if you have devoured a book because you couldn’t put it down! p1

The book is a must read for teachers old or new to the profession. For experienced teachers, it helps in ‘sharpening the axe’ and for the new, a treasure that will ignite the love for teaching like nothing else can! Wait and see the sparkling smile on the face of a student when they experience your teaching in the most engaging, safe, stimulating and challenging manner.

p3As Dave describes it himself, ‘pirates are daring and adventurous’. They sail into unchartered territory without fear and no guarantee of success. They are entrepreneurial and take risks, fly their flag high, willing to travel far and wide, right into the unknown.

The book encourages teachers to learn this from the pirates. After all who doesn’t like a bit of adventure? Believe me, you will love it and the students will love you as you draw them into your classroom like a magnet!


If you wish to….




This is the book for you!!

Book review on Teach Like A PIRATE was held  on the 9th of May 2018. We were lucky to have the author; Dave Burgess join us from the USA. It was 9:00 pm his time and he was driving when we skyped p2with him. The ‘Pirate’ just pulled over and connected with 20 of us for an adventure that we will remember for a long long time.



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