Book Review- The fault in our stars

“The fault in our stars” by John Green narrates a story about darkness, sorrow, warmth and tears.

It tells us about Hazel Grace, a teenage girl who is just like any other girl except the fact that her “lungs suck at being lungs” she moves around dragging her oxygen tank along since she was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age.

The tragedy of cancer has been put in a very beautiful story about how she meets Augustus Waters; a survivor of cancer and they go on a long journey together. They meet at a support

group where the lock eyes with each other and start talking.

However, this is not a book about a life threatening disease. It has a deeper meaning to it. The two of them may be suffering from cancer,  but it does not define who they are.

This book is precious. It tells you about strong bonds and the importance of friendship and love , where Augustus and Hazel are there for each other through thick and thin. It tells us about how people can help each other through adversities and that we can’t give up even when something is trying to stop us from enjoying a happy and full life.

The fault in our stars is a book which will keep you on the roller coaster of your emotions. It will make you laugh and cry.

It is a rare book that’s emotional but full of light.


The Book Review is By – Archisha Yadav, Grade VIII

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