The magic of learning is that it is in our hands

Some learning can be assessed, and a mark assigned to it. ¬†But all learning cannot be reflected in just a mark sheet as it is much more than just that. For example, if a student starts with learning the skill of goal setting or time management, how can the development of this skill be marked…… Continue Reading →

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Executive function and self-regulation

In simple terms executive function means, the ability for the brain to take steps to complete a complex task or goal, regulating thoughts, emotions, and actions to support the accomplishment of it. The set of skills that underlie in strengthening executive function of the brain are the capacity to plan ahead to meet goals, display…… Continue Reading →

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Attributing Images

Teachers and students frequently use images to enhance their presentations, academic writing or projects. There are many sites that can be explored for images. In fact the extraordinary quality and thoughtful creation that is available should be considered as a¬†generous gift by the owner of the image to us. Many of these images are available…… Continue Reading →

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