Develop the attitude of a winner

The tennis match started dot on time. The two teams start with warm up as the spectators settled down to a match of tennis. Each of the four players have their distinct style and presence on court. They are being observed by every one and they know it. Yet, there is something absolutely honest about how they get ready for the match and then the way they play their game. Their attitude, mental frame of mind and disposition can easily be read and interpreted to the extent that one can foretell what each individuals performance will be like. Based on this informal assessment, one ends up picking a favorite player in the tournament.

We all display our attitude that we have cultivated knowingly or unknowingly, in our daily interactions. No wonder, why one colleague gets picked for a project and not the other. Why a teacher trusts one student over the other for a task or a competition.

Like Jack Welch in his book ‘Winners’ writes, that we are constantly assessed on the energy we bring, how we energize others.  But most critically we are judged on our ability to execute and execute right. The good part of it is that the ability to execute can be learnt.

Most of the time it is not our ability that makes us the winner but our attitude that gets us the crown.

Develop that attitude of a winner.



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