Existing ideas are as powerful as the next new

Why are we so quick to denounce a new idea, a new initiative, a new thought when it does not come from us? Do we fear the idea itself or the thought, that the person who came up with the idea would gain acclaim and attention?

Complex question, but easy answers.

We definitely fear the competition. But why is that so? Is it because it makes us look inadequate or because it makes us think of our inefficiencies? A bit of both I think.

What we forget is that an idea is as good as it is executed. Anyone can come up with an idea. But the beauty lies in its execution. Never mind if the idea did not come from you. Focus on how you could implement it.

More important, see how efficiently are you implementing the existing ones?

Leadership is about diving deep.

An ability to embrace new ideas, routinely challenge old ones, and live with paradox will be the effective leader’s premier trait. 
-Tom Peters

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