Expectations from monthly review meetings

I have always wondered if every one who attends a review meeting has a common understanding of the purpose of it? What are the expectations from these meetings?  My experience of working in schools and working in corporate have been similar in some ways and different in many.

In schools, it is more about what you intend to do, timelines, with a bit  of reflecting on what has gone by. In an office-office (read education consultancy) scenario, it is more of a stock taking exercise and some projection of the way ahead. Nevertheless, it would serve us well if in each situation the paradigm of the meeting is clear. That is, the purpose of it and preparation for it

Therefore, in my opinion review meetings are:

“The meeting was canceled after an outbreak of contagious yawning!”
  1. An opportunity to share the progress of work done in that cycle. Qualitatively and quantitatively. Many a times the qualitative data may provide deeper insights that can be used for better planning for the future.
  2. A time to reflect on the unresolved, unanswered, burning questions that may have risen from the work done.
  3. A moment to access your progress towards achieving goals. To review and calibrate.
  4. An occasion to look at cross functions between processes that could build synergy to accomplish common goals. Your goals need the contribution of others. They may only be your colleagues surrogate goals and not their main.
  5. A chance to celebrate success and achievement.

Expectations offer clarity.

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