How many is too many…

How many is too many…

It would make the title boring and obvious, but a part of me wants to add how little is acceptable. Let me give you a little context on where this is coming from. I have a seven years old son who has been engaged in basketball coaching thrice a week for the last two years. He was also at the time enrolled in dance lessons three other days in the week leaving just Sundays unoccupied. Much to my dismay, the dance teacher shut down dance lessons leaving my child free on those days of the week!!!

Finally, last month, after a whole year and a half, the gods took mercy on me and sent in a soccer coach, ready to run lessons twice a week, providing a good use of time on the days when there was no coaching for basketball. Next month onward, I also plan to enroll him in keyboard lessons on the weekends. This would mean that my son would have coaching every day of the week.

Now I wonder, am I regimenting his time too much? Is my desire to make him spend his time gainfully somehow taking away a part of his childhood. On argument I have in my support is that me and my husband wish to give him exposure to a variety of things. This should help him identify what he wants to pursue at some point in future or maybe simply decide what he likes. Creating a balance between sports and performing arts, I feel should give him a well-rounded personality.

While my intention sound good to me so far, I cannot ignore the voice at the back of my head that tells me I also do it to keep him away from video games and laptops.

Even after having articulated my thoughts today, I am nowhere near the right answer. Perhaps I am not looking for one either. What I know for sure is that next year I will enroll him in swimming lessons for that is one essential life skill.

Author: Anandita Jain

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