How parents feel about their children’s transition to college

When my older son started with his college applications in the Year 2008, I was intrigued with the whole process, as he had decided to choose a university abroad for his undergrad. The process was very different from what I had experienced in my time! Yet, I was curious to know if my parents went through the same emotions at that time, that, I was going through now? While there was a certain sense of apprehension and fear it was the feeling of excitement that was all encompassing for me and strangely enough they recount the same emotion that they felt at that time.

Interestingly enough when our second son was outward bound to university the feeling my husband and I experienced was just the same. It is the strong pervasive feeling of hope and achievement that outweighs fear, worry and insecurity that we felt. Strangely enough while the issues of safety, financial viability, connectedness with the child remain as a common emotion that transcends generation it is the proud feeling of seeing your child move to becoming a more independent individual makes the whole experience exciting.  An interesting infographic called, ‘How parents feel about their children’s transition to college’ is a good read!


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