How strong are my aspirations

Aspirations give us the motivation to do something. Aspirations come from our dreams and unmet drams can lead to frustrations. The question therefore is what are we doing to fulfill our dreams? Research suggests that our aspirations go through a U-phase. As we reach mid twenties our aspiration peak and sometime during our fifties it hits the bottom of the U. Unmet aspirations lead to a feeling of dejection and unhappiness.

Children therefore should be encouraged to dream and aspire but also should be trained in thought and resilience to carry forward that thought. Nothing can be achieved if we only aspire. This interesting fable explains pursuit of aspiration fabulously. Read on…

One day a disciple approached a sage  and said, “I  do not understand when you say that the depth of aspiration is the springboard to the discovery of truth or in other words, achievement.”

The sage asked the disciple to come with him to the river and take a dip in the water with him. As the disciple put his head under water, the sage just held the disciple’s head underwater and did not release his hold until the disciple’s struggle became a frenzy. The sage then released his hold, and the disciple came up gasping for air.

The sage then said,” When you aspire for anything the way you did for a breath of air, you will not rest until you have achieved it.” 

Aspire, plan, work hard, reflect, try again, give it your all.

Dream, not hallucinate!

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