Right thinking matters

A farmer when asked why he shared his best corn seeds with all the other farmers in the neighborhood, said, ‘If my neighbors grow poor corn, through wind dispersal the pollen from their poor crop will get carried to my field. This cross pollination will in turn bring down the quality of my crop.  To maintain the yield of my crop it is important that the corn in the neighboring fields be of good quality too.’

This old fable throws up interesting concepts and skills. Collaboration, critical thinking, winning, growth, community.

  1. To win does not mean that the other must loose.
  2. Collaboration throws up many more possibilities.
  3. Critical thinking to objectively analyse and evaluate options and situations.
  4. The concept of individual growth. Is it relational?
  5. In an integrated world the threat of shriveling communities.

Right thinking matters. We must try it more often







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  1. Very good example for education field too.If we provide selective good schooling to limited students than they will be affected by large nos of less groomed students.

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