The other day, a parent used, ‘seasoning’  as a metaphor  for bringing up children. I don’t remember the sentence in its entirety now, but I have tried to capture the essence of it here.

The conversation was largely about formulating a road map for their child through the last five years of school. What I realized through the conversation was the depth and breath of engagement that the parents had with their child and the action plan the family was crafting for the child, not just for the last five years of his school life, but for years beyond school.

Every activity, interest, ambition, passion of the child was being used as seasoning, providing condition for robust growth of their child. As Sir Ken Robinson uses the organic metaphor of agriculture to explain the point of creating a conducive environment for a seed to grow, I think that seasoning provides that spice, taste, comfort and safety to the child as they make that steady journey that will be their very own. A dormant seed needs just the right condition to grow.

Each child is different. Sort of like the colors of seashells. 


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