See Things Differently: The Dandelions

Was recently hearing a talk show and the guest artist said that, ‘I spent a lot of times worrying about the one thing I did not have and overlooked the twelve other qualities I had’.

I thought it was such a simple thing to understand and say. Yet, so many times we struggle with accepting our weakness and in the process loose out on so much more that we could have done with our strengths and opportunities.

Here is a parable that I share with my students when we get into the activity of doing a SWOT analysis.

The Dandelions

A man took great pride in his lawn. Once, on his return from a trip, he found a large crop of dandelions in his lawn. He tried every method he knew to destroy them. He pulled each one of them out, even relayed the grass in the hope that he would get rid of the dandelions once and for all.

Yet they plagued him. Within days they would start appearing everywhere.

Finally, he wrote to the Department of Agriculture. He enumerated all the things that he had tried, and closed the letter with the question:

“What shall I do now?”.

In due course the reply came:

“We suggest you learn to love them”. 

It is important that we try and work on our weaknesses but equally important that we do not let them shadow our strengths. Important that we work on the subjects that need more attention but remember not to ignore the ones that we are good at. Because they will help score better and close that gap between you and the next.

It is not about lowering the bar, but about how beautifully with your best effort you can with all your knowledge, skill and attitude skim over it.

Why would you have it any other way?



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