Building self-awareness through positive self-talk

“Evolving is life’s greatest accomplishment and its greatest reward”, says Ray Dalio in his famous book Principles. For me one of the areas of evolving as a teacher has been understanding the concept of holistic education. There were elements of self-management and self-awareness that I would work upon in developing in students but there was…… Continue Reading →

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How students can use mental models for reflection

As students begin with writing their applications for universities and then subsequently prepare for their interviews, one key skill that they need to exhibit is ‘their ability to reflect’ on their past experiences and the learning from that. Now, this is easier said than done only because students are not guided through the process of, one,…… Continue Reading →

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Learning for learning’s sake

Recently read somewhere (can’t remember where though), how parent’s role has changed over the past few decades. The article stated that parents must love and discipline their children, but more recently they have also taken the responsibility of entertaining them. That thought has lingered on with me and made me reflect on how I have…… Continue Reading →

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