Teaching and Learning with Technology

How can one define technology? Dictionary meaning of technology refers to development of apparatus and equipment using scientific method for human use. If that the case, why are teachers so uncomfortable with the notion of use of technology in teaching? have teachers not always used technology to transfer information to their pupils? The use of a pencil or a pen or the black board (now a white board) is the constant and all pervasive use of technology that teachers tend to overlook.

Does use of technology engage pupils better?

However, in today’s context, use of technology goes a little beyond the technology that was being used few years back. As teachers, we need to keep abreast with technology to not only free our class time for better engaging with pupils but also because the pupils we teach are conditioned to intuitively use technology and therefore this interest of their should be cultivated for better learning experience for them .

digital sandwhich

How will use of technology help in a classroom?

Use of technology also helps promote differentiation in our classrooms along with providing more time for formative assessment. For example, if part of the class lecture, can be pre-recorded and emailed to pupils, they can hear the recording at their pace and make their notes for discussion in face to face class time. Emotions drive learning in our physical classroom, therefore this human interface can be used for scaffolding exercises for better learning opportunities for our pupils.

All this does not necessarily mean more work for a teacher. In fact addressing part of your teaching through technology, helps keep the learner engaged, involved, collaborate with peers and use the physical classroom for better discussion, involvement and communication.

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