The magic of learning is that it is in our hands

Some learning can be assessed, and a mark assigned to it.  But all learning cannot be reflected in just a mark sheet as it is much more than just that. For example, if a student starts with learning the skill of goal setting or time management, how can the development of this skill be marked and awarded a numeric or alpha grade? There is no denominator that can be set, and a range established. But what can be assessed is the way and how that learning is applied leading to improvement in the continues development of that skill.

So, how do we learn?

Learning can happen anywhere and anytime; we only have to be mindful of it.

We learn when we,

  1. Listen actively.
  2. Are able to learn from any experience.
  3. Able to understand the difference between facts, opinions and perspectives.
  4. See multiple viewpoints and perspectives to a situation.
  5. Understands how to regulate emotions to support learning.
  6. Are comfortable with uncertainty.
  7. Are comfortable with learning being messy.
  8. Value the importance of good questions.
  9. Use divergent, lateral, backward and sequential thinking.
  10. Can move from big picture thinking to thinking at a granular level and vice versa.
  11. Read for pleasure and understanding.
  12. Search for patterns.
  13. Learn to think better using mental models.
  14. Engage in self-evaluation and reflection.
  15. Resist confirmation bias.
  16. Design and take ownership of our learning pathways.
  17. Seek clarification when in doubt.
  18. Find connections between the old and new learning.
  19. Do not shy from applying our thinking to new situations.
  20. Do not simply jump to conclusions.

Terry Heick has a list of 32 habits that make a thinker. You can read about it here.

Seth Godwin defines learning as, a posture, a mindset and actions taken. Yes, learning is a mindset. A mindset of doing.

Isn’t it worth thinking about?

The magic of learning is that

it is in our hands




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