The Ethics of Trust in Teaching- Part 1

“A sense of responsibility in teaching pushes us constantly to think about and promote the best interests of our students. In contrast, the demand for accountability often induces mere compliance.”

Nel Noddings

The teacher-learner relationship is fragile in nature. It is based on trust and empathy. Pupils learn best when they feel cared, protected and respected in their learning environment.

How then can we redesign our learning environment so that first and foremost trust between the teacher and the taught be established?

One way in which a teacher can show care for her student is by showing explicitly that she is concerned about her student’s learning.

Nel Noddings, in her work ‘ethics of care’ states clearly that the care giver, in this regard the teacher, must ensure that she is concerned about the well being of the student.

This now broadens the focus from care for academic learning to care for social and emotional well being of the pupils.

The teacher is engaged, not simply in the training of individuals, but in the formation of the proper social life. John Dewey

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