The Tribe: Talent, Skill and Knowledge

Knowledge you receive. It could come from anywhere and anyone. Be on the lookout. Knowledge can be gained and developed through personal and shared knowledge.

Skill is developed with practice. It is teachable and can be learnt. You have to invest time, be intentional and gritty. Remember, the bottom line is, it can be learnt!


Talent is innate. You have it or you don’t. If you have the talent for something, you will learn an associated skill faster. That’s all. Plato argued that talent is not monopolized by color, class or creed. The recognition of talent, sustaining it and developing it with practice is intentional education. This should be the matter of schools.

If you can understand all of the above to the point that you can make it actionable, you are developing your strength and becoming stronger. Because, knowledge, talent and skill when combined together, practiced, over time will become your strength.

What are you focusing on?



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