Wake up and smell the coffee-‘REMAIN TEACHABLE’

This one comes straight from my experience. I believe that pressures, hardships, austerity and challenges only make us better and more resilient. They help us grow. Today one of the pressures that teachers face is that of how to continue to stay relevant. The students siting in our classroom no longer need to be there as a seeker of knowledge, as that, to her is available at a click of a button. In fact they may be smarter and as

Feedbak or Feedforward (3)Vogetsky would say, the ‘more knowledgeable other’ when it comes to the ease of use of technology.

The purpose of education is no longer to create individuals that can work within a system because this is no longer the 1920’s.

Yuval Harari argues that it was easy to predict what the world will be like in 20 years way back in 1810 or 1910 but it is no longer easy to predict the next 10 years in today’s time. Only because the world around us is changing so fast.

So reinvent yourself. Teach like you have not taught before, challenge yourself, read more, present more, network more.

The spotlight is shifting. Understand it and find your place in it.

Podcast Episode 1

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