We don’t have to be just sheep

Possibilities are endless and limitless. That is the way a two year sees the world. What happens when they enter school or more importantly when they start to ‘listen’ to the adults? I am reminded of an interesting fable here. It goes something like this:

A mother could not get her young son to come home before sunset. So, she tells him that the road leading to the house is haunted by ghosts that come out when dark.

By the time the child grows up into a young adult, he fears the dark because he associates it with ghosts. Now, the mother gives him a talisman to wear which according to her will ward off the ghosts.  

Possibilities exist both as an idea and a fact but then so do beliefs. In our desire to maintain the equilibrium we inadvertently kill the possibilities that could exist for our students.

We question. They answer.

And then we wonder why they cannot formulate their own inquiry questions.

Why don’t they have any questions? Forget about good questions.


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  1. Very nice thought provoking piece for teachers. Students should be allowed to explore rather than being made to follow set directions or paths as that would kill their creativity and thinking abilities .

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