What do we mean when we say “I want to bring a real change in the society?”

Students through our programme enrol with us to help bring about ‘A Real Change’ not only in the society but also in them. The course provides it’s participants a platform for honing communication skills, develop and polish skills for the art of campaigning for a cause, to collaborate and to inspire. When you engage, you work harder, dig deeper and deliver better!

Found on the concept of Project Based learning, the participants, in collaboration with specific NGOs shall engage in activities that will benefit the society. In the process, they also become eligible for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People (IAYP).

Spread over a period of one year, the following are the highlights of the programme:

  • 1. An orientation into Social Leadership, emphasising on development of a Social Entrepreneur Business Plan.
  • 2. On-site project execution assistance and guidance with development of documentation skills through videos and blogs writing.
  • 3. Periodic review to monitor progress and achievement of targets.
  • 4. Progression from the Bronze to Silver to Gold Award under the IAYP.