Samaskaara Progressive Learning

Our Learning Framework

Stage 1- Discover

Understanding their personality, strengths and weaknesses, their interests and aspirations, reignites motivational zeal of the student. In this stage, face-to-face meetings coupled with assessments help identify the students core competencies and requirements that need to be addressed to help them achieve their true potential. Parents are involved at this stage to align their aspirations and expectations with the student’s interests and goals.

Stage 2- Monitoring And Evaluation

A customized yearly action plan is formulated for the student based on their needs. Student progress is measured via official examiners of their respective curriculum and specific and targeted remedial help is arranged to keep the student at their peak performance. Essential courses on Self Regulated Learning, Academic Writing and Exam Skills are organized to reinforce essential concepts. Academic Writing remains our primary focus in this stage. Students undertake extensive writing assignments ranging from writing expository essays, to writing for effective communication to creative writing- fiction.

Stage 3- Exploration

Civic engagement, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy modules help the student develop perspective, elevate self-esteem, build character and hone leadership skills. These modules help build the student’s profile and equip them with life skills required for a successful career.

Stage 4- Career Trials

3 in 4 students either change or wish to change their degree major by the time they graduate. To help students make informed career choices, mentorship and shadow opportunities are arranged for students with seasoned professionals to explore and understand the various career options available to them. Student engagement in building writing skills in Stage 2 helps them here when they write personal essays for successful college applications.