Student's Reflections

Everyone has the right to education. Yes, education. I am not even thinking about good or not so good schools here because it was an experience for me to see firsthand the determination of young primary and middle school students aged 3 to 12, struggle to just find an opportunity where they could enroll and get schooled.

Its not always about only taking but also giving back and in the process learning from the experiences of others. As a project for my IAYP Bronze, I have initiated ‘The free library project’ at Literacy India. This is an initiative that will help provide small yet sufficient library resources to Literacy India Centers amongst other organizations. The reason I want to do this project was simple, one visit to the Literacy India school and a brief interaction with the center head there, made me realize that the first small step that I could take was to help establish a small library for students enrolled with them.

Nothing in life comes without a challenge, and in my opinion the biggest challenge would be to not only operationalize the library but also encourage students and their parents to make use of them. In simple words not lock away books in an almirah but make them accessible!

Ansh Khanijo